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William left the lab, noticing the small family of ninjas waiting for him.

“William, I realized we didn’t introduce ourselves to you” Leo said softly, rubbing his neck. “I’m Leonardo and my younger brothers, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo. Master Splinter is our father and sensei.” William slowly looked at Raph, seeing amber eyes glaring at him. The winged guest swallowed hard, looking away from the dark green turtle as olive green eyes locked on Don. “William….since Splinter already told you each of us will be watching you; I made the decision that each of us will watch you for two hours.”

“Two hours with each of you?” The visitor asked softly “Why that long?”

 “Like Splinter said, to learn things about you!” Mikey cried out “You can learn things from us! That will be enough for both of us to trust each other!” Raph rolled his eyes, annoyed of the situation.

 “William, while we are watching you, we can also help you figure out a way to open another portal.” Don spoke softly as William slowly looks at him.

“My sons, it is late.” Splinter said, his brown eyes set on the winged boy. “Everyone needs to go to bed. We’ll figure out other things for our guest. William, you will share Michelangelo’s room tonight.” Raph quickly tensed up, his amber eyes locked on his master. Mikey went over to the boy, putting his arm over William’s shoulder.

 “I have extra pillows and blankets!” Mikey blurted out happily “Plus, I can pull out my small mattress out of my closet for you to use.”

 “You have a small mattress in your closet?” William asked softly.

  “When I have nightmares, I pull it out and drag it to Raph’s room.” The young Turtle smiled softly as William slowly blinks and smiles back.

 “Like Splinter said, we have to go to bed.” Leo said “I’ll be the first one to watch William in the morning. Mikey grabbed the winged teen’s hand, smiling even more.

 “Come on, Mr. Angel!” the orange turtle cried out “Time for bed!”

 “Norcom.” William mumbled softly as the small ninja clan looked back at him.

“What did you say, William?” Don asked softly

 “I’m a Norcom, not an angel.”

 “William, explain everything of what you are in the morning.” Splinter ordered “Everyone, bed now.” As the three older turtles headed for their rooms, Raph quickly turned around and watched his baby brother gently yanking the young norcom to his room. William quietly stood in the room, watching the orange turtle go to his closet and pulling out an old mattress. Mikey set the mattress down while William quickly sat on it, ignoring the nasty smell as the ninja hands his guest the pillows and blankets.

“Dude, is there any other norcoms out there like you?” Mikey asked, sitting on his own bed.

“Barely…..” Mikey quickly gasp, immediately thinking of something.

 “Dude, if you want, you can tell me everything about you and I’ll tell my brothers everything in the morning for you.” The turtle slowly blinked, noticing that the norcom was asleep. “Aw, he’s asleep.” Mikey shuts off the lights, quickly falling asleep. William quickly woke up, looking at the sleeping ninja. He looked away, his olive green eyes staring at his bruised hands, tears rolling down his cheeks as a bad memory played through his head. 

There you go! I think I made up the word “Norcom” if I didn’t, please tell me. In this story, things will be explained for William. You will learn about his past and where he is from. 

i have so many fanfics to upload and i have my Zort comic to finish. i just don't have the motivation to do anything. when i do, i only do a little bit till i get distracted. :(


Call me Cici, that's my nickname.
United States
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