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"Raph, wait!" Raph and William turned around, seeing the blue turtle running toward them. The red ninja huffed softly, his amber eyes returning to the norcom.

"Meet me at the red punching bag." The red turtle ordered as the winged boy slowly nods and heads off.

"You're taking William to your punching bag?" Leo asked, concern in his voice. "Raph, make sure not to push yourself. Lately, you've been getting strange random high fevers."

"I know that already, Teacher's Pet."

"Don't let your anger take over. You think I haven't noticed but you are slowly letting your anger toward William control you. I know you don't trust William but just let your anger go. Pushing yourself and your anger are the triggers of your fevers." Raph sighed heavily, annoyed at his older brother. "If any of that starts happening, calm yourself down."

"I know this already, Splinter Jr. Ya don't have to repeat yourself every time I do something." The red ninja walked away as Leo sighs softly, worried about his brother while returning to the dojo. Raph caught up where William was as he slowly clenches his fists, seeing the norcom hitting the punching bag multiple times. "Hey!" William looked over as the turtle pushed him away from the large bag. "First rule while living with us: Don't touch my bag. Got it?" the olive green norcom slowly nodded, watching Raph sighing softly. "Go sit against the wall where I can keep an eye on ya." The winged boy huffed loudly, walking over to the nearest wall and sitting down.


William watched the red ninja hitting the punching bag then hearing the turtle grunt as he starts kicking it.

"Raphael, can I switch to another turtle?"

"Nope, ya still have another hour." The winged teen quickly stood up, stretching his arms and wings.

"How about I spend an hour with one of your brothers?" Raph peeked at the boy. "After an hour with your brother, I can come back and finish an hour with you." The turtle can feel his anger slowly rising.


"I can go back to Leonardo and do another training exercise." William continued, ignoring the ninja. "Or….I can hang out with Donatello. Maybe I can go to Michelangelo; he looks like a fun guy."

"SHUT UP!" Raph walked over to the norcom, anger boiling as he pushed William against the wall. "Ya haven't been here for a whole day and ya already think your training buddies with Leo! Ya only shared a room with Mikey one night and you can already tell he's a 'fun guy'! You think no one has noticed, but I spotted you staring at Donnie couple times."


"I don't know what you're planning and I already told you: I don't trust you and you do anything to harm my family, I'll break your wings."

"…I'm not planning anything, Raphael." The norcom looked away from the angry ninja. "What's wrong with trying to make friends?"

"I don't believe you." William looked back at Raph, his anger boiling as the two teens stare at each other. Suddenly, the ninja began to breathe heavily and loudly as the winged boy raised a brow. "Crap, my stupid fever is showing up. I need to calm down." Sweat quickly ran down his skin as the turtle fell to his knees, feeling his fever rising.

"Raphael, are you ok?"

"I-I'm fine." The red ninja answered in a hoarse voice. He swallowed hard as he feels a burning sensation in his throat. "I can't calm down. It's getting worse."


"I-I told you….I'm fine." The turtle swallowed again, once again feeling a burning pain in his throat. Raph slowly peeked at William, seeing his guest has a worried expression. Suddenly, Raph's vision slowly gotten blurry as he fell forward while the burning fever continues rising. "W-William….get Donnie…."

"Raphael, what's wrong with you? Please tell me." William's olive green eyes widen, noticing that the turtle was unconscious. He quickly sat by the ninja's side, preparing to help Raph up but when he laid his left hand on the ninja's shoulder, the winged teen pulled his hand away and hissed in pain. He slowly looked at his hand, seeing that the palm of his hand was red and it was stinging with a burning pain. "What the heck? Is he having a fever? What kind of fever does he have? I touched him and it burned my hand. Don't tell me he's-" The norcom looked back at the ninja, seeing steam coming off the turtle. William swallowed hard, scooting away as he feels intense heat radiating from Raph. "His body feels like a large flame right now. I know what's happening. This is no fever." He quickly stood, ignoring his singed hand. "Donatello! Leonardo! Michelangelo! Someone help!" Leo ran out of the dojo, brown eyes widening as he sees his unconscious brother.

"Donnie, it happen again!" the blue ninja shouted, running to William and Raph. Leo stopped couple feet away from his radiating brother as Don ran in, holding tons of wet towels.

"Dude, this is new!" Mikey blurted, joining with Splinter. "He's actually blowing out steam!" Splinter's brown eyes immediately locked on William's burned hand.

"William, you burned your hand touching Raphael, didn't you?" the rat asked as the boy nods. "Michelangelo, take William to get an ice pack!"

"Mikey, you know the drill! Bring some ice packs back when you return!" The purple ninja ordered "Raph's strange fever is not going down!" The young ninja motioned the norcom to follow him as William looked back one last time at Raph.

"Guys, I wish I can tell you he's got no ordinary fever. His 'fever' is the effect of him starting that." He looked at Donnie then quickly looked away, blushing as he enters the kitchen. "I need to stop staring at him."

What does William mean by that?

Before anyone say anything about the whole fever thing, there will be an explanation later in the story! Remember in my story summery "why is there strange things happening to the turtles"? There will be lots of things going on in this story that will be explained later and all of you would be surprised, which all link to William.

i have so many fanfics to upload and i have my Zort comic to finish. i just don't have the motivation to do anything. when i do, i only do a little bit till i get distracted. :(


Call me Cici, that's my nickname.
United States
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